Chinese New Year!

Calendar of Events:

1/31-Festive Tunnel Painting

2/7-Prosperous Dinner with Teamond

2/8-Asia World Expo

2/10-Romantic Chinese Danforth Dinner

2/12-Lunar New Year Expo w/Rush Rhees Library

2/13-China Nite





Valentine’s Day Delivery

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with CSA’s very own Valentine Delivery Service.
To register:

  • Fill out the form below (*information will be secure and discarded later)
  • Meet up with an Eboard member

Vice and Virtue – 2014

Hey pretty girls and handsome guys,

Can you smell the sharp and crispy air and hear the crunchy sound of the leaves crumbling underneath your steps? Or can you notice Rochester being bipolar and get colder and colder every single chance it gets?  It’s autumn, guys. It is the time of the year that people feel extremely warm and sweet toward each other and everything else. It is also the time of the year when everyone deserves some special attention. That’s why CSA and KASA is proud to bring to you our annual special event that would make your autumn so much more significant.

All proceeds will go to GlobeMed

Vice and Virtue GIM will take place Thursday, November 6th at 7:00

Actual Event is on November 21st

Chuseok/ Mid- Autumn Festival Celebration. Sep19th. 7pm. Hirst Lounge

Come and have fun as we celebrate Chuseok/ Mid- Autumn Festival together. There will be games and fun booths  and Moon Cakes. Sponsored by KASA & CSA together :D Facebook Event Page is HERE.
Games. Info. and Moon Cakes.

Games. Info. and Moon Cakes.

You can get to
– paint and craft your own lantern!
– buy your mooncakes! (miss mooncakes back home, or never try one?) Moon cakes is a Chinese delicacy that you need to try out!
– compete in a tournament of 닭싸음 or Chicken Fight which is a game where opponents hold one leg and hop on the other while trying to make the other person lose balance. Winner will get a CUP of RAMEN PRIZE!
– play a game of 윷놀이 or Yutnori
– buy Chocopie, Yogurt drinks, and T-Shirts from KASA and CSA.
– learn more about CSA’s Mid-Autumn Festival Show on Sep 28th, 2013.

First GIM. Sep 12th, 7pm. Havens Lounge!

CSA is going to have our First GIM for the year 2013-2014!

Date: Sep 12th (Thurs)
Time: 7pm to 8pm
Venue: Havens Lounge @ Wilson Commons.

Get to know our Eboard members and some new friends!

We will be having a quick ice breaker and some brief introduction to who we are and what we represent on campus!

Do check out our booth at the activities fair on Sep 8th!

See ya soon! gim csa uofr