What’s CSA

University of Rochester Chinese Students' Association

Commonly known around campus as CSA, the University of Rochester Chinese Students’ Association (罗切斯特大学 中国学生会) is one of the largest and most active cultural group in campus. We provide social, cultural, and educational programs of Chinese-American interest and serve as a vehicle and forum for expressing the interests of our members in conjunction with helping international members get used to American culture and lifestyle.

The membership of the Chinese Students’ Association is not only limited to Asian students or those of Asian descent, but welcomes members of all ethnicity and backgrounds.

Our goal is to establish active relations amongst the students, staff, and faculty of the University of Rochester, as well as the Rochester community. Therefore, we actively attempts to coordinate its activities with those of many other on-campus and off-campus organizations. Any business opportunities and inquiries are welcome.

Some of our major events on campus are China Nite, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Vice and Virtue.We occasionally have food events, outings, cultural performances and demonstrations, language classes, volunteering works, as well as speaker event throughout the school year.

Please do not hesistate  to contact us for further information.


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