Speaker Event

During Asian Heritage Month, CSA wil sponsor/ co-sponsor a special speaker to perform/ give presentation at University of Rochester. He/ She is usually a successful, famous Asian in the states. For the past few years, CSA had invited YouTube Star David Choi, famous Chinese comedian Joe Wong, WongFu Production, and so on.

MORE ABOUT JOE WONG: 905248_549009711805933_1770047970_o


Joe Wong (黄西) is a Chinese comedian who has won many awards. He has attracted nationwide attention after making multiple appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman and the Ellen Degeneres Show. In addition to these TV appearances, he appeared at the Radio and TV Correspondents’ Dinner where he met the Vice President Joe Biden.


David Choi is a 25-year old Korean-American musician who has garnered fame through his Youtube channel (below). As of today, he has nearly 106,000,000 video views and has nearly 960,000 subscribers. He has released two studio albums: By My Side and Forever and Ever. Although previously signed to a major label, he has chosen to leave and remains unsigned in order to retain his musical freedoms. David has toured through much of Asia, including South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and also continues to tour throughout the United States. He has worked closely with last year’s AHM speaker: Wong Fu Productions.



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