Come and have fun as we celebrate Chuseok/ Mid- Autumn Festival together. There will be games and fun booths  and Moon Cakes. Sponsored by KASA & CSA together :D Facebook Event Page is HERE.
Games. Info. and Moon Cakes.

Games. Info. and Moon Cakes.

You can get to
– paint and craft your own lantern!
– buy your mooncakes! (miss mooncakes back home, or never try one?) Moon cakes is a Chinese delicacy that you need to try out!
– compete in a tournament of 닭싸음 or Chicken Fight which is a game where opponents hold one leg and hop on the other while trying to make the other person lose balance. Winner will get a CUP of RAMEN PRIZE!
– play a game of 윷놀이 or Yutnori
– buy Chocopie, Yogurt drinks, and T-Shirts from KASA and CSA.
– learn more about CSA’s Mid-Autumn Festival Show on Sep 28th, 2013.